Who we are?

We are a production company based in Barcelona specialized in audiovisual and education.

For us filming means sharing.

Every filming is an act of discovery. A space to look for – and to meet – which lets us paying close attention to an image, to emphasize it.   

Every image hides innermost a story, a fact, a tale. An idea that makes sense according to the look of the one who is capturing it, without forgetting the one observing.

Where to focus means and to frame reveals. What we watch, which is shown to us, but also what we don’t see. 

This is our projects basis. 

Upon this we elaborate multiple audiovisual contents: documentaries, spots, interactives, music videos, museum pieces and a great variety of audiovisual content of different types. As well as multi-format educational contents related to cinema and visual knowledge – film literacy -, other artistic disciplines, culture and scientific dissemination. 

Both currents entwine and feed one from another conforming our peculiar identity. 



We are a plural team formed in audiovisual communication areas, social science and humanities.

With more than ten years of dedication in the audiovisual and education sector we keep our desire to share and to innovate untouchable.  

Digital Films is the personal and professional adventure of the man of a thousand faces Alexis Borràs Izquierdo. Filmmaker, sociologist, Show runner, professor, audiovisual trainer, executive producer, consultant, product and project manager, peddler, event organizer, barman… among other sides gained along his career. 

Cinema lover and restless spirit decided to start this journey that gathers professionals from different places and diverse sensitivities. Living people, mobilized by artistic concerns who love telling  stories and promote film literacy education:  a form of expression with a great educational, cultural, artistic and social potential.


Alexis Borràs Izquierdo

CEO / Realització

Anna Casacuberta Palmarola

Guió / Comunicació / Producció

Pau Cruanyes Garrell

Realització / Producció

Ginebra Abril

Formació / Coordinació activitats educatives

Maria Serralvo

Guió / Producció


Ana de Quadras Ayuso
Blanca Almendariz
Carles Moral Sala
Cora Cruz
Dabid Pascual


David Castro González
Eloi Pasqual
Gerard Gil
Irene Ferrer Panicot
Joan Vallverdú

La claqueta
León Benavente
Marc Casacuberta
Maria Blanch
Miner Montull

Pau Pomar
Pere Marzo
Rut Fulgado
Sergi Faustino
Tàtels Pérez