The trip. Why are we moving? How does the journey transform us? How do we deal with each other? Is human mobility a condition, a privilege, a necessity?

On the basis of these questions, we have produced the spot for the 5th edition of the documentary photography festival DOCfield Barcelona.


Fundación Photographic  Social Vision




1’, Digital – 2017

The central theme of this photojournalism event revolves around human mobility.  By proposing a reflection on the different forms of travel, whether by necessity or by desire, and how the resulting itineraries and encounters transform human and geographical identity. Being faithful to the spirit of the festival – and the entity that organizes it – of interrogating the citizen through documentary photography.

It is held from 19th October to 30th November with 25 exhibitions which reflect on the idea of travel and human mobility. 9 of the exhibitions are part of the official section articulated through the DOCfield Route, a geographical axis that crosses Barcelona from Diagonal to Colon.



DOCfield allows the public to make a “travel” for its programming along this spaces: Palau Robert, Espai Mercè Sala, University of Barcelona, FNAC Triangle, CC Pati Llimona, Arts Santa Mònica and Museu Marítim of Barcelona.

The festival features the collective exhibition of major national and international visual journalists who have witnessed the rescue work of refugees arriving in Europe by sea thanks to the ONG Proactiva Open Arms. Among other works, one can see the first-person pictured project of Syrian photographer and video artist Omar Imam Live, love, refugee, which offers another look at the lives of refugees, born as a critique of the media’s portrayal and photography in general.




Ana de Quadras Ayuso
Alexis Borràs Izquierdo

Direction assistant

Anna Casacuberta Palmarola


Ana de Quadras Ayuso

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