Els perfils d'Alícia


Els perfils d’Alícia is a tribute documentary to musicians and organizations rewarded with Alícia Awards 2021. Throughout the film, Catalan Music Academy emphasizes its singularities and its contribution to the music world. The documentary offers a story about the creative, artistic, social and cultural values based from the personal and professional experiences of the eleven awarded. The piece combines the interviews and stories of main characters with emotional musical fragments that go with every awarded.

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Els perfils d_Alicia

A production of Televisió de Catalunya, in coproduction with Digital Films and Catalan Academy of Music. With the support of ICEC and the Culture Departament of Generalitat de Catalunya and the collaboration of RTVE, Diputació de Barcelona, SGAE, Sgae Fundation and AIE.


TVC, Catalan Academy of Music




54’, TV3, TVE – 2021

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“The origin of music takes place in the nature, in the birdsongs, in the sound of sea and in the wind underneath the trees.”
- Carme Solé Vendrell

The main voice of the documentary is lead by they own musicians and driving forces of the collective projects: Joan Chamorro (Sant Andreu Jazz Band), Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Albert Guinovart, Àngel Casas,  Sergi Cochs (Fundació Actúa Ayuda Alimenta), Rita Payés, Maria del Mar Bonet, Alberto Guijarro (Primavera Sound), Núria Andorrà i Marco Mezquida.  Across this figures, the documentary orchestrate a fan of profiles who share details of its professional trajectory, revise the paths they’ve chosen and the success they’ve obtained since today.  

Other distinguished appereances of Els perfils d’Alícia are the sculptress and painter Carme Solé Vendrell, responsible for conciving the Alicia Awards statuette, and the Catalan Music Academy president Gerard Quintana, who gives the Alicia Award for a Professional Career to the Singer Maria del Mar Bonet.




Alexis Borràs Izquierdo

Executive production

Manel Montañés
Alexis Borràs Izquierdo

Assistant director

Pau Cruanyes Garrell


Anna Casacuberta Palmarola


Pere Marzo
Joan Vallverdú

Catalan Music Academy management

Eduard Balaguer

Production management

Anna Casacuberta Palmarola
Maria Fernández Navarro

Production assistant

Eloi Pascual

Production management

Alexis Borràs Izquierdo
Pau Cruanyes Garrell
Carles Moral Sala
Gerard Vidal Barrena
Roger Corredera

Sound postproduction

León Bertone

Color grading

Aline Biz

Graphic design

Majo de Juan
Olga Casajuana

Animation and VFX

Dabid Pascual

Translation linguistic correction:

Barcelona Kontext

Academy’s comunication

Xavi Buxeda

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