World fiction

Fictions are taking up more and more space in our lives. In Spain, we spend an average of 459 minutes on media consumption; 7 and a half hours a day. 

But how do these stories condition our life experience? Have we become addicted to fiction? Or does fiction open the door to fuller, more imaginative, and ultimately happier lives? World Fiction is a documentary series that brings us closer to a current phenomenon: how fiction is colonizing reality. 

Each chapter focuses on a specific cultural practice, such as video games, virtual reality, social media, or series, and shows how, increasingly, they influence our life experiences. Combining the follow-up of users, interviews with experts, archive images and documentaries and visiting spaces or events where fiction is the protagonist, we dynamically and experientially explore the effect of each technology on society. 

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World Fiction is a look at the new trends in the digital culture of the 21st century I


Academia Catalana de la Música


Documentary series (in development)


7×25 ‘

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Singularities of the project

World fiction is a transmedia and multiformat project with the television program as a central element of the production. However, it has other types of audiovisual formats that complement and enrich the discourse of the program: content for social networks, chapters and podcasts. 




Alexis Borràs Izquierdo


Pau Cruanyes Garrell


Anna Casacuberta Palmarola
María Fernández Navarro


Ona Anglada-Pujol

Director of Photography

Andrea Mezquida-Torrent


Joan Vallverdú

Audio post-production

León Bertone 

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