World Press Photo Barcelona 2017

In a tribute to the video artist Paul Ryan and his video series Wave Breaking Symmetry, we play with the free interpretation of the viewer in the World Press Photo Barcelona 2017 spot, which starts from the same concept as the World Press Photo Barcelona 2016 campaign #SeeAndUnderstand.


Photographic Social Vision Foundation




1’, Digital – 2017

The experiment is to patiently observe a static plan with the sea as the protagonist. A sea that inevitably alludes to refugees, the idea of travel and the unpredictable. A manipulated sea, where the waves rise upside down, against the current, although at first glance it is not perceived. Where to see (first) the moments before or after something happens; to understand (later) the metaphor of the moment and the delicate act of taking a photograph.



The fact is never shown, for this there is already the exhibition from April 29th to June 5th 2017, which shows, among many others, this year’s winning photograph: A murder in Turkey

Shot by turkish photojournalist Burhan Ozbilici of the Associated Press it presents a snapshot of the events that took place on December 19th 2016, when Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, a 22-year-old police officer off duty, killed the russian ambassador, Andrei Karlov, in Turkey during an art exhibition’s opening in Ankara. He injured three more people, before being shot to death by police officers.




Photographic Social Vision

Technical team

Aclam Foto


Ana de Quadras Ayuso
Alexis Borràs Izquierdo

Production assistant

Anna Casacuberta Palmarola

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