Participa Méliès already has winners!

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The awards of the 10th edition of the online video contest Participa Méliès are already public. The jury of this successful edition, formed by:

Professor and filmmaker Ángel Gonzalvo Vallespí.

The communicator and journalist Alfredo Cohen, from the ElParlante collective.

Cora Cruz, screenwriter and filmmaker from the Canary Islands.

Filmmaker and film critic Geoffrey Cowper.

Has decided to award the following prizes:



Award for the Best video of the 10th edition

The winner of the general category is the short film by Raúl Tirado Sánchez, Historia de una máquina (Móstoles).

The jury has chosen this short film for its technical and artistic quality, highlighting the development of the story and the success of its outcome. The story, narrated with simplicity and elegance, is based on a reality that everyone can easily identify with and stands out in many other aspects such as sound design, the edition carried out by Raquel Ramos, as well as the surprising performance of its protagonist Luna McGill.

Special mentions:

El sueño de Kinetos by Juan Roca Arcos (Miranda de Ebro).

The great moon escape by Andrés Burgos Camjalii (Teo)

Mascletá by Santiago Gato Mas (Alicante)

Limbo by Xavier Julià Gonzalez (Vigues i Riells)


Junior Award

The spring lord, the short film made by Elías Pérez Alvariño (Lugo) wins the Junior Award. Both for its technical quality, with excellent photography and post-production, and for its artistic direction and a hilarious performance by its protagonists Elías Pérez and Xacobe Bruña. It is undoubtedly a short film worthy of Méliès brought to our time.

Special mentions:

Pasqua rabbit by Ferran Ribera Bonvehí (San Juan de Vilatorrada).

Hambre de magia by Pablo Argüelles Trujillo (Málaga)



Prize for the Best primary school video

The jury awards the prize for Best Primary School Video to the short film by CEIP Santo Domingo (Zaragoza) coordinated by the teacher Javier Tello Bachiller.

Brote estelar offers an original way of dealing with a topical issue such as global warming and the dangers it poses to our planet. The lighting work, its artistic direction and the use of tricks used throughout the scenes stand out above all. Not to mention the ingenuity and imagination of the children involved in telling this story.

Special mention:

Viajeros del tiempo by CEIP Santuario (Córdoba) coordinated by Ester Lorenzo Guijarro.


Award for the Best video of Secondary school, High School and training cycles

The award of the second school category of the contest goes to the short film Més enllà d’un reflexe from the Institut de Celrà, tutored by Yolanda Fort Vilaseca.

A short film with excellent production and planning, with a great work of sound and special effects. This mastery of cinematographic language, together with the interpretation of its protagonist, catches the viewer from the beginning and connects him/her with the plot.

Special mention:

Un piano con duende by Colegio Internacional Europa coordinated by Hugo Nacher Ordóñez (Seville).



Power to the imagination award

Daniel Francisco Martínez Hernando (Murcia) with his short film Operación Sol 3000 wins this edition’s Imagination to Power Award.

The jury has decided to reward the manual work and the do it yourself spirit that this imaginative short film conveys. The result: a fantastic short film worthy of the genre, with a very particular videogame aesthetic, fresh and entertaining, that will make anyone who enjoys watching it smile.

Special mentions:

The Winner by William Pinzón Salazar (Madrid)

Oro líquido by Diego Iruela Gutiérrez (Molins de Rei)


Audience award

The most voted video by the audience of Participa Méliès has been the short film of the general category made by Jacobo Chacon Torres titled El sueño de Mel.

Congratulations to all the winners!

You can watch all the awarded films in the Participa Méliès contest website and if you are willing to take part in the 11th edition of the video contest you can find all the information here.

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