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Original idea, script and production of No sap pas oN, a scientific dissemination theatre performance. The play is related to the CosmoCaixa exhibition Mirrors, inside and outside reality.

No sap pas oN is a familiar show that explores mirror’s scientific properties and it’s illusion possibilities.  The magic show is about to start when Pepa bursts in to his brother Olau’s number fed up with his archaic conjuring tricks. Our main characters will start a shaking and fun competition which will bring face-to-face magic and science. Throughout symmetries, reflections, fantastic deformations, tools such as kaleidoscopes, telescopes, fake mirrors and surprising anecdotes they’ll make us discover all the possibilities that mirrors hide.


Original idea: Alexis Borràs and Blanca Almendariz

Script: Anna Casacuberta

Direction: Alexis Borràs

Cast: Tàtels Pérez, Miner Montull and Sergi Faustino

Lighting designer: Irene Ferrer

Alícia awards 2019
5 minutes late