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Rere el mirall, la música is a documentary where musicians, artists and music professionals help us discover how is to work in Catalonia music scene. Throughout this TV movie we put faces to those people who make music sound in our home and we offer a cross view of music in cultural and social fabric upon a moment of uncertainty due to covid crisis.

Direction: Alexis Borràs

Script: Anna Casacuberta

Direction of photography: Irene Ferrer

Assistant direction: Pau Cruanyes

Production: Maria Fernández, Adrianna Quena and Eduard Balaguer

Executive production: Manel Montañés

An Acadèmia Catalana de la Música and Digital Films Produccions production with the participation of professionals and artists such as Raquel García-Tomás, Pau Vallvé, Ikram Bouloum, Adam Lakti or Jaume Piqué,  performances of Tarta Relena, Chicuelo-Mezquida and Núria Graham and the meetings with various professionals of the sector as Albert Salmerón (president of APM),  Joan Magrané (compositor),  Helena Bagué (El Pot Petit), Alguer Miquel (Txarango), Ester Bonal (Xamfrà) or Gerard Quintana (president of the Acadèmia), among others.

Alícia awards 2019