Art and cinema. 120 years of exchanges

Cinema has only 120 years of history. However, in 1911 Riccioto Canudo, a film critic, already referred to cinema as “the seventh art”.

As the title of the exhibition points out, Art and cinema. 120 years of exchange explores the influences of cinema on art and vice versa. Taking a journey from primitive cinema to digital cinema and the constructed image.

“Art and cinema. 120 years of exchanges ”

The challenge of the dynamic visit we have developed is to delve into each area of ​​the exhibition, leaving aside prejudices and scrutinizing the most innovative plastic and audiovisual works. Works that experimented with visual language by changing the role of the audience and inviting them to perceive new experiences.

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Look, marvel, deduce and share impressions as you move through the space, dedicated to each decade and the different artistic currents of the moment. From the Lumière brothers in relation to the masters of Impressionism, Chaplin with the avant-garde artists, Dalí with Hitchcock, Jean-Luc Godard with Andy Warhol and Yves Klein…, to the time of the installations and video art.


“la Caixa” Foundation in collaboration with La Cinémathèque française





Canvas or screen?

The family educational space invites you to experiment as a family through a game of interaction between painting and cinema. From a technological device you can create a short film based on the manipulation of images and plastic elements inspired by some avant-garde artistic currents present in the exhibition.

The space is divided into four different islands that become creative tables. Each one is linked to a specific artistic current that allows us to experiment with the new languages ​​promoted by the avant-garde. As well as a small exhibition where all the final compositions are projected.

A place where painting becomes cinema… and cinema, painting!




Dynamic school and family visits

Training of CaixaForum Madrid and Barcelona educational teams

Design of the family educational space of the exhibition

Conceptualization of the coffee-gathering



Graphic design: Elena Castillo

Interactive programming: creARTiva

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Art and cinema. 120 years of exchanges. CaixaForum Madrid

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