Film and fashion. By Jean Paul Gaultier

Cinema and fashion have been linked over the years to give rise to a fruitful creative exchange. Under the gaze of Jean Paul Gaultier, this exhibition points out the mutual influence of the two industries, as well as an approach to their respective social contexts.

“A creative relationship seen through the particular gaze of Jean Paul Gaultier” 

The exhibition deals with the exchanges and influences that occur between cinema and fashion, a creative relationship seen through the particular gaze of Jean Paul Gaultier, curator and artistic director of the exhibition. Beyond mythomania, the proposal goes through the contexts of creation, both of the costumes and of the films, and introduces us to ideas of modernity, the future or eroticism. It also offers a sociological approach since it addresses issues such as emancipation movements, especially women’s, and how they are reflected in the fashion and filmography of their time.

On the other hand, the exhibition brings us closer to the idea of ​​industry from the different professionals involved in the creative exchange: directors, designers, actors and actresses. To this end, the CaixaForum brings together a heterogeneous set of pieces made up of clothing, posters, photographs and film fragments that largely come from the prestigious collection of La Cinémathèque française and that are complemented by works from more than twenty national and international lenders.


“la Caixa” Foundation in collaboration with Cinémathèque Française





But, how important is fashion in our everyday? How does it define us?

What stereotypes can it break or reinforce? What can we communicate through the clothes?

These are some of the questions from which the educational project that we had the pleasure of preparing for the dynamic visit to the exhibition stems from, and which are the central axis of the approach to the educational space and the cafè-tertúlia.

From a new format of participatory visit, school groups or families transformed into designers and fashion designers become active agents in the knowledge construction process. With the support of the educational team and based on the museographic proposal, they open hypotheses and address the confluences between cinema and fashion from interdisciplinary perspectives, with the aim of going through and discovering the most characteristic facts that surround this exchange.

The exhibition concludes with a commission: visitors will have to design costumes for a film or TV series based on various briefings.

What clothes, silhouettes, textures and colors will predominate in our costume design?

Let’s unleash our creativity and… let’s design!



Script for a dynamic school and family visit

Training of CaixaForum Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla educational teams

Conceptualization of the coffee-gathering




Blanca Almendariz

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Film and fashion. By Jean Paul Gaultier of CaixaForum Barcelona

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