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Participa Méliès

Participa Méliès ( is an online video contest born with the aim of encouraging anyone interested in cinema to take a camera – or video recording device – and make an original short film of less than 3 minutes that includes a cinematic trick invented by Georges Méliès: substitution trick, overprint or scale games. Simple, yet creative!

Participa Méliès is an educational project that goes beyond the competition and aims both to develop cinema and creativity in a playful or professional environment, and to introduce film and audiovisual teaching in different schools and educational spaces.

This initiative was born in 2012 as a complementary activity to the Georges Méliès exhibition. The magic of cinema and is closely related to other projects of the “la Caixa” Foundation, of which we are also part, such as the film workshops From imagination to screen of CaixaForum, the exhibition Ladies and gentlemen, it’s showtime! Georges Méliès and the cinema of 1900 and the educational project Early Cinema, among others.



“La Caixa” Foundation


Film education



We celebrate 11 years of life!

The competition already has eleven editions during which we have had thousands of participants and we have received hundreds of fascinating short films in each edition ( editions /). We have been accompanied as members of the jury by professionals from the world of cinema, education and culture such as Maria Botto, Felix Vergés, Oriol Paulo, Nora Navas, Félix Balbás, Jaume Ripoll, Lyona, Carlos Marques-Marcet, Desirée de Fez, Àngel Sala, Murfila, Begoña Soto, Gerard Casau, Paloma Zapata, Josep Arbiol, Laura Herrero, Joan Vallverdú, David Castro and Clàudia Mera, Alfredo Cohen and Geoffrey Cowper among others, and we have given very sweet prizes to the winners of each edition.

The activity, concentrated on the web portal, helps us to encourage audiovisual creation and the learning of cinematic language in a dynamic and practical way in the classroom. To offer educational resources for learning cinema – both for teachers and for the general public. To pay homage to Georges Méliès and the pioneers of the history of cinema and to spread the love for cinema, creativity and the do it yourself spirit of Méliès ’work.

As always, we encourage you to make your short film, upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion and register it on the contest website before May 25, 2023!




Original idea of ​​the video contest

Co-organization and management of the project together with the “la Caixa” Foundation

Audiovisual production (spots and videos of various types)

Development of educational resources

Design of graphic materials

Training for teachers and families

Management of complementary activities



Communication and marketing: La Magnética

Drop-down graphic design: Elena Castillo

Graphic image of the contest: Soon in Tokyo

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Participa Méliès

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