Pixar. 25 years of animation

<<To infinity and beyond!>>

Who could have imagined that this would be the path that Pixar’s studios followed when Buzz Lightyear first uttered these words at the premiere of Toy Story – the first feature film created with digital animation effects in film history?

Based on three key elements in the process of creating animated films – characters, stories and worlds – Pixar. 25 years of animation shows the process that goes from the initial ideas to the creation of worlds full of sounds, textures, music and light.



“la Caixa” Foundation in collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios.





Pixar. 25 years of animation

But what really fascinates us about Pixar?

The characters. Be it toys, robots, cars, monsters or aquatic animals, they all have a personality, a psychological dimension and a characterization that makes them unique. In a great character, we see ourselves reflected in it, and it is at this precise moment that we leave the armchair and get inside the film.

Following the thematic axes and pieces of the exhibition we have developed an interactive within the educational space of the exhibition to design our own characters with the help of digital technology while embarking on a playful journey through the basic stages of characterization. of a character.

It’s time to bring unique characters to life with the interactive Create your character!

Crea el teu personatge 0
Crea el teu personatge 1
Crea el teu personatge 2
Crea el teu personatge 5
Crea el teu personatge 4
Crea el teu personatge 3



Script for a dynamic school and family visit

Training of CaixaForum Madrid and Barcelona educational teams

Design of the family educational space of the exhibition

Interactive content design Create your character

Conceptualization of the coffee-gathering



Interactive conception: Alexis Borràs

Pedagogical advice: Blanca Almendariz

Storyboard, design and development: Ya! Yaki

Design: Miriam Sugranyes

Development: Víctor Chimeno

Illustrations: Miguel Gallardo

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Pixar. 25 years of animation by CaixaForum Barcelona

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