Relive Alícia Awards 2022

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Avui hem rebut la magnífica notícia que Digital Films hem estat seleccionats per a participar a les trobades de coproducció europea Producers meet Producers del FIPADOC International Documentary Festival.

Des de l’equip de les Jornades Professionals del FIPADOC han organitzat aquesta iniciativa dissenyada exclusivament per a aquells/es productors/es de documentals interessats/des en coproduccions internacionals amb la voluntat de teixir nous vincles professionals a escala europea.

Producers meet Producers es divideix en tres sessions diferents, cadascuna centrada en un territori europeu específic. Cada sessió, dirigida per tres experimentats matchmakers, reuneix un grup de productors francesos i un altre dels territoris seleccionats:

Focus 2023 (Països Bàltics i Finlàndia): sessió dirigida per Zane Balčus(Baltic Sea Docs, Letònia).

Visegrad (Polònia, República Txeca, Eslovàquia i Hongria): sessió dirigida per Zdenek Blaha (Institute of Documentary Films, República Txeca).

Espanya: sessió dirigida per Diego Mas Trelles, (Docs Barcelona, ​​Espanya).

Alexis Borràs, director de Digital Films, participarà en la sessió destinada a Espanya, on tindran lloc les reunions individuals amb productors i productores franceses per presentar un llargmetratge documental que estem produint actualment.

El Festival Internacional de Documentals celebra la seva propera edició del 20 al 28 de gener de 2023 a Biarritz i la sessió Producers meet Producers tindrà lloc el dijous 26 de gener de 9 a 11 hores en el marc de les Jornades professionals del FIPADOC 2023 (23-26 de gener) al centre de congressos Bellevue de Biarritz.

La selecció, feta en funció del perfil dels/les productors/es i del potencial de coproducció dels projectes presentats prèviament, possibilita la trobada entre 6 productores espanyoles i 6 franceses. Comptant amb la participació de Digital Films com a única productora seleccionada de Catalunya entre les sis participants de l’Estat.

The 2022 Alícia Awards of the Catalan Academy of Music are now public.

Coinciding with the International Day of Music, the Catalan Academy of Music has celebrated Alícia Awards 2022: the annual awards given by the music sector in Catalonia last Tuesday 21, June, in an event at the Sala Oriol Martorell of L’Auditori de Barcelona in which Digital Films have had the pleasure to produce and to carry out its audiovisual production.

Music was the undisputed star of the night, with live performances of Rita Payés, Alícia Award 2021 in the Emerging Talent category, and the Fireluche Orchestra, in tribute to Pau Riba, who also received the Alícia Trajectory Award from the Academy. The award was given in recognition of his long and outstanding musical and artistic career, for his central, transversal and timeless influence on Catalan music and popular culture, and for having become one of the most relevant references in our country in the field of creation.

Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagès were the big winners of the night, receiving the Alícia Award for Performance and the Alícia Award for Record Production for their latest album “Clamor” (Fina Estampa, 2021), which they did not hesitate to share with their fellow nominees.


You can find the rest of the winners of Alícia Awards 2022:

Trajectory Award

Pau Riba

Alícia Award for Authorship

Recognizes the authorship and/or composition of a musical work of any style or genre:

Constellations, by Héctor Parra and Arnau Pons.

Alícia  Award for Interpretation

Recognizes expressiveness, emotion or excellence in musical interpretation:

Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagès

Alícia  Award for Interdiscipline

Recognizes the fusion of music with other artistic disciplines of an artist or project (performing arts, visual arts…):

FAM, by Las Impuxibles, María Velasco and Judit Colomer.

Alícia Award for Emerging Talent

Recognizes that artist or formation revelation of any style or genre:

Tarta Relena

Alícia Award for Record Production

Recognizes a work or record production:

Clamor, by Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés.

Alícia Award for Live Performance

Recognizes a creation and/or development of a concert, live experience or musical show:

Trencadís, by Orquestra de Músiques d’Arrel de Catalunya.

Alícia Award for Social Project

Recognizes individuals or organizations for their work in the field of community music and the development of the social aspect of music:

Càntut – Songs of Oral Tradition

Alícia Award for the Educational Project

Recognizes the educational project of those persons, entities or projects in the field of pedagogy, training or music education:

Cantània, by l’Auditori de Barcelona

Alícia Award for Internationalization

Recognizes the international development or experience of a trajectory or project:


Alícia Award for Music Journalism

Recognizes a person or project for their journalistic work in the field of music:

Efecto Collins, from RTVE

The event also featured the Invitation to music by photographer and journalist Francesc Fàbregas, who began the event by sharing his personal and professional testimony linked to the music sector, invited by the Academy to celebrate Music Day; and the claims of the sector by the president of the Catalan Academy of Music, Gerard Quintana, in his farewell speech.

The presentation of the 2022 Alícia Awards will take place on Wednesday June 22 at 23.15h through Canal 33 and can be retreived at TV3 on demand.

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