The science of Pixar is released at CosmoCaixa

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From today on you can visit the exhibition The science of Pixar in CosmoCaixa. An exhibit developed by the Museum of Science de Boston in collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios ((The science behind Pixar) which invites us to discover the complex creative processes that made possible the creation of some of the most famous animated characters: Buzz Lightyear, Dory, Mike and Sully…

In Digital Films we have worked on all Pixar exhibitions that have taken place in CaixaForum in the last years: Pixar. 25 years of animation and Pixar. Building characters. By designing dynamic visits addressed to scholars or families and educational spaces as well as developing related educational resources such as the interactive Create your character with illustrations by Miguel Gallardo.

On this occasion the job we received in relation to The science of Pixar was to design the dynamic visits both for general public and for schools and to devise a family activity for the workshop-space of this exhibition that stands out for the level of constant interaction with its visitors, with a wide deployment of interactive and mechanical experiences and sensory stimulating that offers a very powerful real learning experience.

Discover the scientific dimension – without forgetting the artistic one – and the technological challenges that Pixar creators have faced from the company’s beginnings throughout the dynamic visits. Or, if you are part of a family with less than eight year old kids you can join us in the workshop-visit titled “Animated stories”. 

After briefly visiting the exhibition and explaining the key interest points at each stage of Pixar’s pipeline we will invent and animate a short, comical story together based on random defined parameters.  

We’re looking for ideas as crazy as: what do toys do during the day, a story about emotions or a movie about our soul.

If you have one, liven up yourselves!



In its creators’ own words: we hope that you enjoy the exhibit and experience the same films that you’ve seen before but in a new way!

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