TV3 releases “Rere el mirall, la música”, a tribute documentary of Catalan Academy of Music to the music industry

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Next Monday 23th of November, at 23.35h in TV3 TV channel, and thursday 26th of November, at 22.45h in Canal 33, will be released “Rere el mirall, la música”, a Digital Films documentary co-production with Catalan Music Academy to render homage and recognize the professionals of the music industry.

Rere el mirall, la música  is a documentary where musicians, artists and professionals of music industry help us discovering what it is like to do music for a living in Catalonia. Through the film we put a name to people who make music sound in hour home and we inquire into the importance of music in cultural and social fields upon a moment of uncertainty because of covid’s crisis.

The documentary features the participation of Raquel García-Tomás, Pau Vallvé, Ikram Bouloum, Adam Lakti or Jaume Piqué; the musical performances of Tarta Relena, Chicuelo-Mezquida and Núria Graham, and the gatherings with diferent professionals of the industry as Albert Salmerón, president of APM (Associació de Promotors Musicals); the compositor Joan Magrané; the singer of El Pot Petit, Helena Bagué; the leader of Txarango, Alguer Miquel; the music pedagogue Ester Bonal or the Academy of Catalan Music president, Gerard Quintana, among others.   

“Rere el mirall, la música” recognizes the work of all people involved in the sector and looks at younger innovative and transformative projects that in a short period of time have become Catalan music scene benchmarks. With the aim of showing its talent and plurality. 

Catalan Academy of Music Alícia Awards were born with the aim of promoting, making visible and giving value to the music produced within the Catalan territory and the set of its activity, without distinction of music genres or styles. The awards are given annually to those projects or proposals which stand out for its excellency and promote creative, artistic, cultural and social values ​​of music.

The second edition of Alícia Awards, wich should have taken place in September, was cancelled due to the Covid’s pandemic. In replacement, to continue its mission and with the aim to pay homage  to music industry, one of the most affected during the pandemic, we’ve produced Rere el mirall, la música, a documentary directed by Alexis Borràs and scripted by Anna Casacuberta.

Watch the documentary in TV3 a la carta VOD service.


Cast & Crew details 

Direction: Alexis Borràs
Script: Anna Casacuberta
Direction of photography: Irene Ferrer
Assistant director: Pau Cruanyes

Production: Maria Fernández, Adrianna Quena and Eduard Balaguer

Executive production: Manel Montañés

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