Gina’s death will force Greta and Gemma –her sisters– to get back together after a long time and to reconsider if sharing blood really means to be family. Because when it’s too late to be a family, sharing the grief and memory can just be enough.

A short film by Jordi Sanz Angrill


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Short film

Families have the magic of being unique and incomprehensible enough to fascinate us; and similar enough to appeal to our personal experiences. ‘Sisters’ is also a journey from the concrete to the universal that raises how something as natural as the bond of blood can be at the same time so unnatural and predetermined.

Starring Laia Marull and Gemma Brió

Gemma and Greta are two antithetical and distant sisters who, due to the death of their older sister, are forced to spend two days together at the farmhouse where they shared their childhood. For a moment, they will be able to relive this happy past, although it will end up revealing itself as an illusion, as a mirage of two people who no longer know how to love each other.

Laia Marull (3 Goya Awards) and Gemma Brió lead the story with a precise and restrained performance that builds a latent impulse that ends up being released in the final scene, a three-minute sequence shot where both characters, without looking at each other or supporting each other, will share tears, grief, a moment of silence and wind.

Jordi Sanz Angrill thus configures an emotional and raw portrait through the treatment of two faces and one space, with influences from the cinema of Ingmar Bergman, Lucrecia Martel, and John Cassavetes. «It’s hard to see that you don’t share anything with a sibling beyond the memory of a distant childhood and the common love for other people. ‘Sisters’ arises from the need to accept that this can already be enough. That you can love from a distance, from incomprehension, from memory and from remembrance. That letting go is a natural and often necessary process.»




Jordi Sanz Angrill


Laia Marull
Gemma Brió


Gerard Rodríguez
Jordi Sanz Angrill

Executive production

Alexis Borràs
Maria Serralvo
Jordi Sanz Angrill


Jordi Sanz Angrill

Assistant direction

Miguel Ángel Ferreiro

Direction of photography

Pere Girbau

Film editing

Alicia Tapounet

Art direction

Lucia Planas

Sound design

Guillem Giró

Costume design

Clara Estévez

Visual effects

Carlos Pulpón


From Zero Short Films

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